Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mayor Bing Says Detroit is Too Advanced

Mayor Dave Bing announced late last night that he was cancelling Detroit's planned light-rail line, preferring buses over light-rail service. Presumably, moving these funds around will enable him to offset most of the cuts that he has made in D-DOT budget in recent years.

I think it's ironic that at the same time Third World cities like Bogota, Columbia are moving away from buses in favor of light-rail, Mayor Bing wants to move Detroit away from light-rail to buses.

Mayor Bing is, essentially, making Detroit more of a Third World city than actual Third World cities.


Timothy Ng said...

Mayor Bing has a reason for doing so. The government is just too broke to make new investments in new public transport. He also knows that Detroit is supposed to be car based and wants the city to work on cars - even though we all know it's unsustainable.

Frank Nemecek said...

Actually, Detroit is not too broke to make investments in transit. The money to build the Woodward Light Rail would have come from the federal government (which is now being re-directed for the bus project) and the City of Detroit certainly could cover its operating expenses if it was simply wiser with what it spends its money on.