Monday, November 28, 2011

One Way to Fight Littering

One of my Facebook friends posted this anecdote about he decided to combat littering in Detroit. It amused me so much that I felt compelled to re-post it here.

I was just out of an Occupy Detroit team meeting and in a car at Woodward & Forest and see someone toss a McDonald's bag out the passenger rear window. I really don't like seeing litter all over, so I hopped out while the light was red and tapped on the window to give them their bag back. He didn't want it! 
So I shoved the bag in the door handle on the SUV. Oh - we did get the license plate DJ313RD. Please let the passenger know not to litter in Detroit.
The Litter Vigilante has spoken!

Now, I just wonder what kind of creative things he can do with all of the bulk trash that is all over the neighborhood.

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