Friday, November 25, 2011

Mayor Bing Loses It In Interview

Mayor Dave Bing
Mayor Dave Bing gave an interview with the Detroit Free Press, which was published yesterday. He proclaimed, "It's time to go to war (against the City Council and the labor unions)." If there was any doubt that Mayor Bing was no longer in full possession of his faculties, I believe this puts it to rest. The man has simply lost it.

Five months ago, the City Council cut this City's budget by far more than what Mayor Bing said was necessary. He even went so far as to criticize the City Council for cutting the budget as much as they did.

That, of course, was five months ago.

The City of Detroit today is on the verge of running out of cash, in spite of the spending cuts that Mayor Bing recently argued weren't necessary. If the deeper cuts that were proposed by Council President Pro Temp Gary Brown and Council Member Ken Cockrel were indeed carried out last summer, we as a community would not be in the financial bind that we find ourselves in today.

As for the plan that Mayor Bing proposed last week, the argument that it doesn't go far enough to address our current problems isn't one of politics. Instead, it's math. Mayor Bing's plan does not cut enough to compensate for the shortfall that he insisted five months ago would not happen.

As for the labor unions, they have made concession after concession over the past several years. Civilian employees of the City of Detroit today make less, as measured by their total compensation package, than their private sector counterparts. Mayor Bing asked them last week for yet another round of concessions. However, he hasn't offered anything to assure them that they won't be asked for even more concessions in a few months.

Mayor Dave Bing may well be on the verge of going to war with the City Council and Detroit's labor unions. Unfortunately for him, though, he doesn't have very much to fight with.

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