Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Information from the City of Detroit

I felt frustrated that the news media kept talking about this infamous report from Ernst and Young, which supposedly showed that the City of Detroit was about to run out of cash, but the report itself was never available. Therefore, earlier this afternoon, I filed a request for a copy of it under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

It's unfortunate that anyone has to go through this trouble to get basic information about how one's local government is doing. However, this is the City of Detroit that we're talking about. Transparency has never been a hallmark of its operations.

Of course, one of the great ironies of the situation is that, after filing this request and talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, the Bing Administration finally made the report public while this video was still uploading.

I'll have more on the report tomorrow.


Scott said...

Frank! I'm so upset I missed you. I work in the Compuware building and I recognized the garage you walked out of!

This is the state of the City of Detroit. Customer service is terrible by design. There's no accountability, so much so that employees don't even have to treat you with respect or identify themselves.

Bing claims to have released the report and put it on the website. Did you find it? Is it complete? Are there any redactions or omissions?

Take care Frank!

FrankNemecek said...

I do indeed park in the Compuware garage when I'm downtown. I love the fact that I can get my parking validated at Hard Rock or any of the shops in there.

There is indeed a draft report on-line and it doesn't look like there are any omissions or redactions. However, since the Bing Administration is so reluctant to release this data, I still wonder if there's something that we don't know. This is why my FOIA request was for any version of it the E&Y produced as well as any correspondence between them.