Monday, November 21, 2011

Detroit Police Stage a Sickout

Officers at the Detroit Police Department's Northeast District appear to have staged a sickout last Friday in an apparent protest of Mayor Dave Bing's call for as many as 1,000 layoffs as well as cuts to police pay and retirement benefits. Detroit police officers, one should note, currently have a pay and benefit package that is well below national averages, even before any additional cuts are made.

Again, this was in the Northeast District, which does not include the Warrendale neighborhood nor any of the neighborhoods that immediately border it. However, I believe that all Detroiters should be concerned about this because, as the City of Detroit's financial condition continues to deteriorate, there is a distinct possibility that we could see more actions like this in the not so distant future. Those future actions, of course, could possibly effect the Warrendale neighborhood directly.

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