Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dave Bing Screws Up - Poor Detroiters Suffer

Mayor Dave Bing
 Mayor Dave Bing told the City Council that he cannot explain why his Administration did not spend $9.2 million that it was given by the federal government to help low-income Detroiters weatherize their homes and lower their energy bills. The City of Detroit had to return this money because, after three years, it wasn't able to spend the money.

If the Bing Administration spent that money the way it was intended, thousands of Detroiters would have lower energy bills. This, in turn, would have enabled them to spend their limited funds on other things that could help them climb out of poverty.

If the Bing Administration spent that money the way it was intended, jobs would have been created; putting unemployed Detroiters to work doing these home improvements. Those jobs would have been temporary ones, but they still would've been jobs in a community were nearly half of its population is unemployed or underemployed.

If the Bing Administration spent the money the way it was intended, our air and water quality would improve as thousands of homes began to use less energy.

In fact, about the only people who gain anything from this, is that DTE will not lose any money now that thousands of Detroiters won't have lower energy bills. They will continue to be just as profitable as they've ever been.

Money, Money, Money...
I suppose I shouldn't attempt to draw any conclusions from this. I mean, it's not like Mayor Bing has appointed former DTE executives to fill key spots in his Administration.

And it would absurd to suggest that all of the campaign contributions that he received from DTE has had any impact in something like this.

Absolutely absurd.

That, of course, is why I would never suggest such a possibility.

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