Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mayor Bing to Discuss Bus Crisis at 5 p.m.

Mayor Bing to Talk About Bus Service
Mayor Dave Bing will hold a press conference regarding the on-going problems with DDOT bus service at 5 p.m. today. The Mayor has faced harsh criticism from the City Council and others over the fact that many city buses are routinely late, sometimes up to three hours behind schedule.

Needless to say, I will likely have much to say about this issue once his press conference is over.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joy Road - The Movie

Since Joy Road is the northern boundary of the Warrendale neighborhood, I was intrigued to find out that there is a new movie debuting soon entitled Joy Road.

Joy Road is set in modern day Detroit. Most of the locations for the film were on location here in Detroit. This movie tells the story of a public defender who has to defend his sister's boyfriend, the reputed leader of the notorious MVP gang.

This movie is just something for Detroit. It has a national audience having been named "Best Narrative Film" at the Hamptons Black International Film Festival. It was also an official selection at the American Black Film Festival and the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival.

Personally, I think it's great some artists from Detroit have managed to complete a project like this. I'm excited to see what happens with it, how Joy Road will be received by audiences and critics, and how far they will be able to go with this.

Most of all, I hope that the filmmakers will be able to make a sequence or a television series for Joy Road. I wish everyone who is involved in this project nothing but the best.

The official trailer for this film is on YouTube and is embedded above. The filmmakers also have a Facebook page for their project here. Joy Road will premiere at the AMC Star Southfield (25333 West 12 Mile Rd. in Southfield) on October 20. I hope to see a lot of neighbors and friends at the theater.

Featured Business: Pizza & Fish Express

Pizza & Fish Express (6540 Evergreen) opened earlier this week, taking over in place of the short lived Pizza - A - Go-Go. Hasan Harb is the owner of the newest Warrendale eatery, which also features a mini-mart.

Pizza & Fish Express - Photo credit: David L. Malhalab (MNS Photo)

Pizza & Fish is offering great take out food and mini mart. They hope to have a long relationship with the Warrendale neighborhood. Mr. Harb and his family own other Pizza & Fish outlets in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles, and Kalamazoo.

Pizza & Fish is the Featured Business for this week. I think it great that the Warrendale neighborhood can attract a replacement business to that location as quickly as we did.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Register to Vote. Today

Vince Keenan from would like to remind everyone that today is the deadline to register to vote in Michigan. His full post about why it is so important for everyone in Detroit to be registered is available here.

I just want to say that I agree with every single word in Vince's post.

Friday, October 07, 2011

New Recreation Center to Open in Warrendale Park

Construction Continues on Recreation Center in Warrendale Park

The frame work for the new Wayne County Hype Recreation Center is up and work is continuing. This new center is being built in the Warrendale Recreation Area, which is ironically just outside of the Warrendale neighborhood. It's on W. Warren Avenue, just west of Ann Arbor Trail, in Dearborn Heights.

The Hype Center will offer youth athletic programs as well as tutoring and mentorship. It will also offer substance abuse prevention, leadership and entrepreneurial training and support, food bank / nutritional center, vocational / literacy center, senior activities center, youth education center as well as a healthy living center. The building will contain 110,000 square feet of space on two floors with a 1/8 mile indoor running track, five full basketball courts and a 5,000 sq ft weight training center.

Thank you to David Malhalab and the MNS News Services for sharing this with me.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Southfield Freeway Re-Opens & Electric Cars Get Charged

The Southfield Freeway (M-39) opened all lanes of traffic early this morning after being closed for several months. The months of road construction are now completed.

I also showcase an opportunity for re-charging an electric car that's not in Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood, but is still cool.