Thursday, September 22, 2011

Movie Mania is Cool but Trash is Irritating

In my walk through Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood today, I discuss how irritating all of those piles of trash have become as well as the coolness of Movie Mania.

Yeah, that's right. I said it. Movie Mania is cool. Who needs Netflix when this place is around?

As an added bonus, I hearby proclaim Movie Mania (18251 W. Warren Ave.) to be my Featured Business of the Week.


cheryl hambrick said...

I thought that was irritating to use Movie Mania and your venture thru the neighborhood. You show one snip it of Movie Mania then continue talking about trash i did not know how to take it Why do both in your one segment. I was upset because Movie Mania is one of our cleanest business and help the most in our community shame on you.

Frank said...

I do both in one segment because those videos are me walking through the neighborhood, talking about whatever I happen to see that day. The good and the bad.

I don't do ones that focus entirely on good things nor do I do them that focus entirely on the bad.