Monday, August 22, 2011

Reorganizing the Detroit Police Department

For quite some time now, I've advocated for reorganizing the Detroit Police Department to put a great emphasis on front-line operations, as opposed to administration. Since the very beginning, I have been told by a handful of people within the department, by appointees of Mayor Dave Bing, and other assorted apologists that I didn't know what I was talking about. They argued that the Detroit Police Department was fine the way it was currently organized, it just needed more money - even though it already had one of the largest budgets in the country on a per resident basis.

Now, thanks for to some great reporting by the Detroit Free Press, we now know that for almost a year, there has been a report sitting on Mayor Bing's desk, which showed that - if anything - I underestimated the need for reform rather overestimated, as so many occupants of CAYMC and 1300 Beaubien argued. This report is now available on-line here.

Mayor Bing and Police Chief Ralph Godbee have, to their credit, implemented some of the recommended reforms from this report. However, the majority of them still have not been implemented and Detroiters continue to suffer as a result.

To all of the bureaucrats, political appointees, and assorted apologists who have defended the status quo at the expense of public safety, I would simply like to say, "Suck it."

Reform is coming to the Detroit Police Department. There are simply too many people who are upset with the status quo to avoid it. The only question still to be answered is whether those reforms will be implemented by the Bing Administration or by his successor.

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