Monday, June 13, 2011

Trees, Graffiti, and Trash

On this walk through Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood, I talk about trees that once lined our streets, trees that currently grow where they're not supposed, graffiti that protects vacant houses, and lots of trash.


Scott said...

Great idea about the trees. Although I don't know if you're allowed to plant them in the ROW, but none-the-less one could ask the city for permission, and after receiving no response, could then transplant the tree!

I just couldn't have a house without a tree on either side of it for shade purposes. I recently had to take down a 40 foot ash tree in my backyard and I replanted a maple in it's place. It doesn't provide shade yet, but it sure is growing quickly!



Take the trees...and when they are on sale at Lowe's, Home Depot,
English Garden's some inexpensive ones and plant them on the easements - they make a property worth more and the neighborhood look better - even vacant houses..
I plan on planting 3 trees at my house on Evergreen.

Detroit needs more bulk pick up days - so that residents can clean up their yards and vacant lots..

Frank - look at my new new alley fence the City put up - 10 years after tearing the old one down. Sonya Pugh got it down after the Ombudsman's Office failed, year after year.