Tuesday, June 21, 2011

John Conyers and His Lawn

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, Jr., who has represented the Warrendale neighborhood in Congress since 1965, was in the news again recently - and not for anything good. Mr. Conyers hasn't bothered to cut his grass or maintain his home in Detroit for so long that it was actually threatening Detroit's chances at landing a stop on the PGA tour.

His blighted house, after all, is immediately adjacent to the Detroit Golf Club and the PGA was reportedly concerned about the condition of several homes near the course, including Mr. Conyers's, since they would be clearly visible to television cameras. National television audiences, I'm afraid, don't like looking at blighted homes any more than most Detroit residents do.

Charlie LeDuff from Fox 2 Detroit has more on this story.
I'm glad that Mr. Conyers has cleaned up his home for now. However, the fact that it took television cameras on his front steps to get him to do what most Detroiters do anyway, is simply one more reason why I seriously hope that someone challenges him in the primary next year.


Scott said...

This is annoying on so many levels. #1 - It's the house of a congressman! #2 - His adult son freeloads off his dad and never at any point bothers to either mow the lawn or hire someone to mow the lawn.

I want to like Conyers, but the fact that he's married to his wife makes it so I can't.

FrankNemecek said...

You know, there are now enough reasons besides his wife and son that I'm finally capable of not liking Congressman Conyers all on his own. He has been in office for so long that he seems to regard it has his right to be there and not a solemn responsibility.

20 years ago, he was a kick ass Member of Congress. Since then, he hasn't moved any legislation through the House nor moved any federal money to Michigan. His greatest accomplishment really has been staying married to Monica and that's just not good enough to justify retaining a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.