Monday, June 06, 2011

Detroiters Rip Down Fence in Riverside Park

The Detroit International Bridge Company, which is owned by Matty Maroun, was ordered by the courts two years ago to remove a fence that they illegally installed in Riverside Park in Southwest Detroit. Unfortunately, they never did that. Over the weekend, a group of Detroit residents - including some from the Warrendale neighborhood - ripped this controversial fence down themselves.

Video from this event is available below.


Scott said...

Good for you guys! Matty only cares about one thing; lining his pockets with more money.

He opposes the NITC\DRIC bridge, saying we don't need it, yet he's trying to build his own private span? That doesn't make sense.

Canada doesn't want more traffic in the heart of Windsor. NITC\DRIC puts traffic out of Windsor and allows us to have multiple crossing so that a single road project (*cough*, Gateway project, *cough*) can't cause issues with international commerce.

Matty sees himself as the guy wearing boots, and he sees us as ants, and has no issues stepping all over us.

FrankNemecek said...

Okay - I love the "Matty wearing boots" analogy.