Friday, May 27, 2011

Unbelievable Incompetence: Still Easy to Believe

The Detroit Free Press reported this morning that the Detroit Police Department abandoned its crime lab in 2008 and left mountains of evidence and equipment unsecured in the now vacant building after then Mayor Ken Cockrel ordered it closed. This included thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as Social Security numbers of rape and assault victims.

Defense attorneys and judges are currently lining up to decry this situation. "Unbelievable incompetence" is the term that I hear most frequently.

The sad part of this, beyond the obvious jeopardy that crime victims and the criminal justice system itself has been placed in, is that I have now reached the point where I no longer have any trouble believing that "unbelievable incompetence" is happening.

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Why is Bing protecting Godbee??????????????

If I had been given the order to turn over evidence to MSP and close the lab - and failed
I would be emailing you from jail - misconduct in office.

Or be fired by trial board - fail to follow direct order - neglect of duty +++++

What does it do to morale - to have the chief - screw up so bad and not be disciplined, when
the DPD disciplines officers and takes pay and benefits from officers for far less serious violations of the rules and regulations...if not criminal behavior...???????

Godbee should be fired - DOJ Judge Julian Cook should be replaced - and either get a new chief or get a federal DPD monitor to take control of the DPD.

I spent over 30 yrs...writing in the Tuebor, talking to reporters about the nepotism, favoritism, cronyism and mismanagement of the DPD - it started (during my career 1977 - with Mayor Young and well liked but illiterate PC Hart (who was convicted as a felon)
it continued with chief after bad thru Godbee (a Kilpatrick supporter and adulterer...and things are not better...I put my career and safety in danger, by speaking out and lost time because of it...and Godbee gets a pass????. I lost six (6) days pay and benefits for talking to Mike Lewis of WDIV TV, about the Beatty traffic stop - never mentioned Kilpatrick or Beatty by name, the ACLU had to get the DPD to cancel a teletype that violated my Constitutional Rights, but I didn't get my pay back.

Detroit residents deserve better...DPD officers deserve better...

David L. Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired