Friday, May 06, 2011

Pizza A Go-Go Opens in Warrendale

One of the great stories that I missed when my life got in the way of blogging is the opening of Pizza A Go-Go.

Pizza A Go-Go | Photo by David Malhalab
Pizza A Go-Go opened at the southeast corner of Evergreen and Paul (6540 Evergreen Rd.). They have good traditional pizza, plus a variety of other hot food menu items (e.g., burgers, chicken, shrimp, subs, and ribs) as well as a limited selection of other grocery items at very reasonable prices.

The owners, Craig Deland and Sal Ambrosio, hope that the new business will help the Warrendale neighborhood. I wish them well and will have more on this new restaurant next week.

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GarySeven said...

That's my beloved Sal formerly of my beloved Pizza America in Abilene Tx. Heard he was opening up something in Michigan. This just might give me a reason to visit Detroit. No offense, but probably the only reason I'd go o Detroit.

If you go yourself tell him Andy says hi.