Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Clear a Flooded Street

Heavy rains over the weekend brought flooded streets to Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood. In this short video, I demonstrate how one can clear a flooded street in only a few minutes using simple tools.

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Scott said...

Yup, it's amazing the people can actually empower themselves to solve problems! All that's required is a little bit of knowledge and a lot of care.

When you see problems in the neighborhood, why not fix them! Yes, it's not your responsibility, but you can do something to better your neighborhood and feel a sense of satisfaction that you did something for the greater good.

Is there a foreclosure in the neighborhood? Is the grass starting to get high? Why not (gasp) mow it yourself? Besides the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference, and the satisfaction of not looking at 2 foot high grass anymore, you may actually be making your house worth more. If your actions help the house not sit on the market for months as the price goes down and down on it, you're increasing the value of your own home!