Thursday, February 03, 2011

Be On The Lookout

There is a three person crew that has been hitting some of vacant houses in the Warrendale neighborhood; stealing furnaces, water heaters, and anything else that they can. A witness described these individuals as being two white males, each approximately 5'8", and a white female with long brown hair. They drive a black Ford pickup truck with red on its sides and no license plate.

Stealing items like this from a vacant house makes it much more difficult and expensive to restore it and bring it back to code so that a new family can move in. Neighbors are asked to keep an eye out for these individuals and call the Detroit Police Department, if you see them.

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Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for letting us be aware of this theft. The housing market is already struggling and now people are stealing items from vacant homes? I wouldn't move into a home without a furnace. Unless I started making much more money. hehe. Keep a watchful eye on this everyone!