Monday, January 10, 2011

Detroit Submits Audit on Time

Mayor Dave Bing announced that the City of Detroit has submitted its annual audit to the State of Michigan on time. This is the first time in thirteen years that the City has done so. "Financial responsibility has returned to Detroit," Mayor Bing remarked in a statement.

Mayor Dave Bing
I congratulate Mayor Bing and his staff for completing this audit on time. This is a significant improvement over his predecessor.

However, before one can honestly proclaim that "financial responsibility has returned to Detroit", I believe it would appropriate to take a very close look at Detroit's massive bureaucracy. Detroiters pay almost double the national average for taxes, but do not receive the most basic of city services on a consistent basis.

Mayor Bing was elected almost two years ago with the promise of "change with a sense of urgency." Unfortunately, he has kept much of the Kilpatrick Administration in place and the bureaucracy that hinders the delivery of services remains untouched. Once he has made progress on those issues, then and only will one be able to claim in all seriousness that financial responsibility has returned to Detroit.

Regardless, I congratulate Mayor Bing and his staff for completing the audit on time.

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