Monday, December 06, 2010

Detroit Police Enact Verified Response System

Photo Courtesy of David Malhalab
The Detroit Police Department announced on Friday that they will enact a verified response system for alarms. This will require alarm companies to confirm the validity of an alarm before dispatching an officer to the scene.

This effort is designed to minimize the number of false alarms that police officers have to deal with. As a result, it is expected to improve the police department's overall response time.

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Detroit Police adopted a modified 'Verified Response System' to handle the thousands of false alarms called into the 911 system by alarm companies - that are making millions of dollars - selling monitored security alarms.

DPD cannot respond in a timely manner to all of the alarms - the 'VRS' as used in other major cities - requires that alarm companies SEND a guard to check the alarm, and 911 ia only called if there is evidence of a B&E..

I hav advocated for a 'VRS' for over 15 years - and it fell on deaf ears - former Police Chief Jerry Oliver, had a pilot program testing the 'VRS' and it would have been adopted had he not been sabotaged by his ego and his own staff (loyal only to Kwame Kilpatrick)

The DPD 'VRS' is a start - but it needs to do more to make the Department more efficient: it needs to get rid of Crisnet, the crime report paperwork, that takes to long and is responsible for keeping officers off the street.

DPD needs to improve its trainging, equipment, and get rid of old high mileage police cars.

Detroit needs a new police chief - Godbee should not be the face of the DPD, and is a Kilpatrick hold over that does not deserve to be chief.