Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grocery Shopping in Detroit

The folks at Time magazine's Assignment: Detroit project said that they could never find fruits and vegetables in the city of Detroit during their stay here. In this video rant below, I demonstrate where they should have gone.


Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

I really miss the butcher shops and bakeries of Warrendale. Mostly went to the Warrendale Bakery and Warrendale Meats on Westwood. Sometimes Mihalak's Meat. I also enjoyed going to Chamberlain Bakery out by Woodmere Cemetery, and Pure Food's Bakery on Michigan near Junction.

Enjoy your Blog, Frank. I check in several times a week. Your videos are great.

Jeff said...

You're the man Frank! Its mind bogglingthat there are so many 'Detroit 'experts' out there who assume the only place to buy groceries, fruits, veggies is Eastern Market. Yeah there is No Kroger or Meijer, but Spartan has agreements with tons of independants. Go to Northern Michigan and you have no Kroger or Meijer either, but you never hear how NE Michigan never has and chain groceries!

I hope you send this link to TIME.

Tom said...

If I'm feelin' a bit cranky, when someone from the suburbs (or TIME for that matter) asks me where I shop for groceries in Detroit, I respond "Meals on Wheels!" The response is priceless!