Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow Me, Please

I love the fact that 200 - 300 people visit my web site every day. A great way to keep up to date with this site is to subscribe to it, in whatever fashion best suits your preferences.

For those on Facebook, simply click "Follow this Blog" in the right hand column. My friends at Networked Blogs will then deliver each of these posts into your Facebook news feed for free.

If you prefer to receive an email alert when I post new content, simply enter your email address in the box at the right and click "subscribe me". You will then receive a daily email from FeedBlitz that is secure and free of any spam.

For those who prefer to follow multiple blogs simultaneously, there is Google Reader and the other RSS aggregators (Newsgator, Netvibes, etc.). You can subscribe to this blog via Google by clicking the "follow" button that also has the Google logo. For the other RSS feeds that are available, simply select your preferred RSS feed from the drop down menu under "Subscribe to RSS Feed" in the right hand column.

As always, you can bookmark this blog and visit the site periodically. The other options simply automate things for you nicely.

I also invite you to check out my personal blog, The Voices in Frank's Head. That blog contains posts about dating, movies, music, the space program, television, and my life in general as well as a surprising number of posts about bacon. It is available here.

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