Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Weird Sightings

Through the wonders of Facebook and the internet, people have told me about some of the strange things that they have seen in the Warrendale neighborhood.

One of my friends, for example, told me about how she saw a man riding a horse along Sawyer yesterday. I can only presume that he was affiliated with the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Center since they offer horse rides out of Rouge Park.

Of course, even stranger than that was the report that I got via Facebook of a boy walking along Paul Street last week, carrying a pair of live chickens. I simply have no idea what that was about.

All of this makes me wonder: what is the strangest thing you've even seen in the Warrendale neighborhood?

Please feel free to leave your response in the comments section below.


Dylan said...

I saw an ice cream truck's engine explode after mountain biking in Rouge Park.

FrankNemecek said...

Ouch! I hope no one was hurt.