Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Parking Enforcement or Coincidence

Fox 2 News is reporting that the City of Detroit has been aggressively enforcing parking ordinances in neighborhoods that have already been devastated by the fire storms earlier this month. Some residents, for example, were ticketed for having vehicles that block a sidewalk.

Other vehicles were booted and/or towed by the City of Detroit's Municipal Parking Department.

I'm normally supportive of parking enforcement - and blocking the sidewalk is a pet peeve of mine. However, I can't help feel that targeting neighborhoods that were already been hit hard by the firestorms is just wrong.

There has already been a certain amount of blow back from this.

And that makes me wonder about all of the parking enforcement vehicles that I have seen in the Warrendale neighborhood as of late.

I wonder if the parking vultures are targeting our neighborhood to make up for fines that they aren't getting now that targeting the fire storm neighborhoods are politically impractical.

What about you? Have you seen an increase in parking enforcement in the Warrendale neighborhood?


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jennifer said...

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