Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Speaks in Code

Deputy Mayor Saul Green announced today that he will keep Ralph Godbee as chief of police. He had previously only been chief on an interim basis.

What I thought was most interesting was this part of the announcement.
Ralph Godbee has proven that he is the right man to lead the Detroit Police Department. We received a number of quality candidates, but believe Chief Godbee is the person to lead DPD in our efforts to improve public safety.
Chief Godbee has proven that he's the right man for the job?

I wonder which one of the half dozen or so high-profile shootings we've had since he took over "proved" that.

I believe what Mr. Green meant to say is that Chief Godbee has proven that he won't run for mayor when Mr. Green tries to remove the word "deputy" from his job title.

Bing names Godbee Detroit police chief | detnews.com | The Detroit News

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Mayor Bing has committed another error of judgement, in appointing Ralph Godbee, as Detroit Police Chief.

Godbee should have been disqualifed and replaced, after revelations of a text/sex scandal with Lt. Monique Paterson, who was having an affair with then Police Chief Warren Evans, who was having an affair with Patterson. Godbee is a married man.

Godbee also, has been tainted with fund raising efforts involving the DPD, for disgraced felon Mayor Kilpatrick.

Bing should make public, the seven (7) candidates that he said were considered for the job, because he claimed he would conduct a 'national search' and because there are reports that NO national search was conducted. Bing should also, make public his criterion for police chief.

Bottom line - Detroit and Detroit police officers deserve better - Crime should be the number one issue - and having a respected, honest, ethical police chief is not to much to ask - except maybe in Detroit.

ps: another view

Badseed#14 said...
Response to Patricia (the original one) 9/20/10, 10:07 AM.

One of the primary reasons the Detroit Police Department suffers is that they keep recycling the same leaders. Most organizations that have been plagued with corruption or bad leadership make corrections by replacing the entire leadership that was in place during the time of the corruption (i.e. the entire police command staff during the Kilpatrick Administration).

September 21, 2010 1:39 PM