Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cool Warrendale Thing: Obama Encourages the Detroit College Promise

For the past couple of years, the Detroit College Promise has offered scholarships to students at Detroit public high schools. It started small an initially only serving students at Cody High School (18445 Trinity St.), which serves the Warrendale neighborhood. However, it has grown more every year to include all Detroit Public Schools graduates.

President Barack Obama
Everyone at the Detroit College Promise, however, got a significant morale boost when they received a letter of support from President Barack Obama. The full text of the President's letter is available here.

President Obama's letter is intended to provide encouragement to students in their program primarily. However, the fact that the Detroit College Promise was chosen as the vehicle for delivery this message speaks well of the organization.

I congratulate everyone at the Detroit College Promise on a job well done. It's always nice when people recognize their outstanding dedication and service to Detroit and its children.

Support from the President of the United States is, therefore, your Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week.

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