Friday, September 17, 2010

Bing to Make Police Chief Announcement Tuesday

Mayor Dave Bing is expected to announce his decision on a police chief this coming Tuesday. I look forward to hearing what he intends to do and who intends to announce.

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John Bennett, Detroit Police Officer (WWW.DETROITUNCOVERED.COM) has his sights set too low for a new Detroit Police Chief and that has been, and is a problem, that must be overcome, if Detroit Police Department is to become respected by the community and an effective crime fighting community orientated department.

Hiring standards must be raised: age to 21, education level to two (2) years of college, no misdemeanor of felony convictions, and a clean driving record. There are racists who would oppose this, claiming Detroit couldn't recruit black applicants or that black applicants would be excluded, and only white applicants would be hired - foolish - Detroit would recruit at colleges and black applicants will come to Detroit Police Department. Diversity would be served and an educated police officer is the best policy against citizen complaints.

We need a nationally respected police chief - not tied to the politics, nepotism, croynism, favoritism, that has plagued the department for over 30 years. A clean break from the past - the new chief must be the best and brightest that can be found. The new chief must be given free reign to change, improve and upgrade the department from recruits to the executives who will help him recreate a respect and admired police department.

The chief must not report to a deputy mayor - but only to the Mayor himself, and work with the city council.

Detroit must go to Washington, DC and get grant money and federal aid - Detroit cannot reform itself without federal money to train - new and veteran officers, and to give them the equipment and tools to be effective in the 21st Century.

Detroit will only become a great city, with improved police, fire, ems services and good schools - that is the foundation for a renewed city. It is time to Go for It.

Bing to make police chief announcement Tuesday | | The Detroit News
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ps: Godbee should not be the new police chief, under any circumstances.