Friday, September 03, 2010

127 Google Hits

Okay, internet, what happened yesterday?

And how can I make it happen again?

Google, Google, Google
I ask because traffic on this blog was off the charts yesterday. Besides the normal people who visit my site every day, according to Google Analytics, there were 127 people who typed "Warrendale blog" into a Google search.

The result of that was the highest level of traffic this blog has seen since the bus stop shooting two years ago. Back then, several other blogs linked here for my coverage of it. Naturally, there was a huge surge in my traffic on that day.

But there wasn't anything like that yesterday.

I really can't help but wonder why 127 people did a Google search for this blog. Or, alternately, why 1 person would do 127 such searches.

All of this makes me curious about what it was exactly that happened yesterday. If anyone has an idea, please feel free to share it in the comment section below.




We were looking for more photos of Chanel Ryan, or Cindy Margolis or Cathy St George - thought it was your birthday, again.. D

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melissa said...

it's so weird how traffic spikes happen. i was having a huge increase in traffic on thursday. like HUGE. over 700 over my norm. turns out someone from huffington post linked to my blog because of a post i wrote.
but yeah...i totally get how exciting and perplexing it can be to figure out where it's coming from!!
enjoy it though.
nice meeting you at the meet up.