Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Web Is Dead

The cover of Wired magazine this month proclaims, "The web is dead." At first, I thought these guys were nuts.

How could the world wide web be dead?

"The Web Is Dead" - Wired Magazine
The accompanying article points out that actual web traffic across the internet has plummeted. The bulk of that traffic is driven by applications and peer-to-peer file sharing.

I didn't believe it. I thought this was nonsense.

And then I took a closer look at some of the reports from Google Analytics. It turns out that 53% of all the traffic for this blog comes from apps and various RSS feeds. More importantly, the number of people who find my blog via the world wide web has been dropping fairly consistently for a couple of years now.

The trend is definitely away from bookmarked webpages and towards apps. Those who find my site via the web, I also learned, had a tendency of visiting for one specific article and did not return. People who read via apps tend to be dedicated readers.

I want to thank everyone at Wired for reporting on this. It opens my eyes to something that I should have known already, but just wasn't paying attention to.

The Web isn't quite dead. However, it is definitely shrinking and changing.

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