Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reshaping Detroit

Mayor Dave Bing announced today that he is appointing a 55-member advisory panel that will help in reshaping Detroit as part of efforts to attract new residents and businesses and better manage the city's economic and physical footprint. This advisory panel will have a series of five community forums where residents and other stakeholders can express their concerns. In a related announcement, Mayor Bing also announced that no one will be forced to move as part of this reshaping effort.

I like the fact that there will be extensive community input and that eminent domain will not be used. However, I'm concerned about how slowly all of this is moving.

Detroit is now fifteen months into the Bing Administration. In spite of that, we're only now getting an advisory panel appointed. One has to ask: how long before we get any of this implemented?

One of the issues that concerns me is that we live in a dynamic world. Things change and can change rapidly. There is a very real possibility that any decision that is made through this process could be based on data that is outdated by the time implementation happens.

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