Friday, August 27, 2010

Gun Buy Back

The Detroit Police Department is launching a gun buy back program, in the partnership with Continental Management, on Thursday, September 2 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. This will happen at the Second Ebenezer Church (14601 Dequindre), which is approximately five miles away from the Warrendale neighborhood.

Anyone may turn in an un-loaded weapon. The police will buy operating guns for $50 each. Non-operating ones will be bought for $25 each. Individuals will be paid in cash with no questions asked.

This is a very effective way of getting illegal guns off the streets.


bigbone said...

Yea, right. They'll just take
the money and try to find a better gun than they had.

Again I ask, why can't something
be done about all those pan-
handlers on the corners of Warren
and Southfield. They're not
helping the area one bit.

By the way, does anyone know
what happened to the ATM machines at the chase bank?

FrankNemecek said...

You asked a lot in this post. Therefore, I'll respond to all this in a separate blog post above.

bigbone said...

A lot? Heck Frank, I made one
statement and asked two simple
questions. Help me Frank.