Friday, July 30, 2010

Man Killed at West Side Store

I had reported on Wednesday about how Detroit had seen a total of five murders within a thirty six hour time period. I mentioned then that, even though none of those murders took place in the Warrendale neighborhood, everyone in Detroit should be concerned because it marked a distinct reversal from the downward trends that we had seen under former Police Chief Warren C. Evans. I was worried that, while one cannot read too much into one day of crime reports, it might be the start of an alarming trend.

That was on Wednesday.

On Thursday, a man was gunned down at a party store at the corner of Joy Rd. and Ohio St., which is a little more than a mile away from the Warrendale neighborhood. According WDIV, a local man was leaving the store, which he frequently stopped at on his way home from work, when he found himself trapped in the crossfire.

A second unidentified man was being chased by a group of gunmen who opened fire. The first man was hit by those shots and died at the scene. Both the shooters and their apparent target remain at large.

When one combines this shooting with the murders from Tuesday and Wednesday, this begins to sound quite troubling. I pray at the Detroit Police Department will be able to bring this trend under control expeditiously.

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