Monday, July 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan and Me

Lindsay Lohan Doesn't
Like Rumors Either
I was on WDIV (Channel 4) last week to talk about politics in Michigan during their morning show. I posted about it on my blog the day before I went on the air, mentioned it on Facebook, and told a few other folks about it.

The thing is, ever since that appearance, there is a certain group of people in the neighborhood who have been talking about it extensively. They all want to know why I didn't tell more people about it, why I didn't give more advance notice, what I talked about, and so on. Most of these rumors seem to tie my appearance to some kind of a sinister conspiracy.

As far as I can figure, I'm now more talked about than Lindsay Lohan at least within the Warrendale neighborhood. (She still has me beat in the rest of the world.)

I almost can't wait until they start talking about my next television appearance.

Until then, Lindsay Lohan and I would like to share a few words with all of the gossip hounds.

Lindsay Lohan - Rumors

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