Thursday, June 03, 2010

Drug Seizures Double from 2009

The Detroit Police Department’s new approach to narcotics enforcement has resulted in a massive increase in drug seizures in the city, Chief Warren Evans announced today.

The narcotics enforcement unit has confiscated $17 million worth of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and pills through June 2. This more than doubling 2009’s year-end total of $7.3 million, Chief Evans said. These numbers do not reflect additional seizures made by drug task forces DPD is involved in, which also are seeing larger returns, he added.

“This is just one more example of how the Detroit Police Department is working smarter and producing better results,” Chief Evans explained. “We have doubled our results in half the time with half the officers.”

“A year ago, this unit was chasing street level drug dealers with three rocks of crack in their pocket,” the Chief said. “Now we are getting to their suppliers and we are getting more guns.”

DPD Narcotics Enforcement Unit Results
JANUARY 1, 2010 THROUGH JUNE 2, 2010

Cocaine: 35.27 lbs. (2010 YTD) vs. 13.91 lbs. (2009 total).
Heroine: 8.83 lbs. (2010 YTD) vs. 4.60 lbs. (2009 total).
Marijuana: 724.54 lbs. (2010 YTD) vs. 450.63 lbs. (2009 total)
Pills: 12,637 (2010 YTD) vs. 10,480 (2009 total).

$920,448.00 (2010 YTD) vs. $863,420.00 (2009 total).

Search Warrants Executed: 448 (2010 YTD) vs. 1,440 (2009 total).
Street Enforce Execution: 518 (2010 YTD) vs. 1,830 (2009 total).

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