Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charles Pugh Grandstands - And Then Backs Down

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh posted a 44 second long video on Facebook over the weekend in which he ranted about people who litter in Detroit. It was entitled Stop F@*#ing Littering. As its title implies, this video contained more than a few profanities that were prompted by an orange peel that Mr. Pugh found on the ground in downtown Detroit.

I regret that Facebook does not allow anyone to embed or download videos from their system. This video was a classic.

More importantly, from a political standpoint, it was an interesting diversionary tactic. Cops and firefighters will soon be getting laid off. Parks are closing. Unemployment is at an all time high. But hey, let's talk about this (biodegradable) orange peel that Charles Pugh found on the ground.

The thing is, by Monday morning, this video had been removed from Facebook. Only time will tell if this means he going to stop grandstanding all together, or if he is just going to do it without the profanities.

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