Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Thoughts on the Detroit Police Department

In response to the news about Police Office Brian Huff being killed in the line of duty over on the east side of Detroit yesterday, David L. Malhalab wrote a lengthy piece in the comment section. I feel that it's worth a lot more prominence and discussion. Therefore, I'm giving his remarks their own post, which begins below with only minimal editing from me.

I have a vision for what I would like the Detroit Police Department to be. As for the details of how that is accomplished, my inclination is always to allow experienced professionals lead the way. That's why I'm excited to have a retired police sergeant share his thoughts.

I invite everyone to share their own thoughts as well. Your comments, as always, are appreciated.

Detroit Needs an All Out War on Crime

The death of Detroit Police Officer Brian Huff and wounding of four other officers should be the last straw, the final spark that will get powerful Detroit black ministers off their bibles and get them onto their pulpits and pounding them and telling their members that it is alright to call police and "turn in" a murderer, robber, rapist, drug house, drug pusher, a B&E man/team, or car thieves.

Mayor Dave Bing, at every Detroit church, must also get up and declare that the police are not an occupying army or an army of oppressors; that residents should not fear police officers who are trying to protect them from the criminals who have no concern for Detroit or its residents. We must change the culture in Detroit that makes residents accept crime and fear the police.

The Mayor should tell Ron Scott to shut up - and not to denigrate officers and to cooperate with the police department to make it better - not to help spread the fear and suspicion about police officers. The Board of Police Commissioners must be more visible and active in making the Department better and accepted by the residents.

The ministers, Mayor and City Council member should commit themselves to making crime - the number one concern that needs to be solved - and make public safety Detroit's No. 1 problem.

Former Chief of Police Ella Bully Cummings should be held accountable for this officers death - you can't arrest criminals when there is not enough jail space to put them in (she closed 1/2 of the jail cells in Detroit). Cummings created a now failed Reorganization Plan, failed to supervise the progress of the DOJ decrees, and violated EEOC laws. Cummings failed police officers and residents of Detroit, and the problems she created have not been solved.

Mayor Bing and the City Council must seek federal grants to get Detroit Police - state of the are equipment, hire and train more officers and to make DPD the best police department in the country. This can't be done just at the city level - it will also take a commitment from the State and Federal governments.

I have always offered to be a resource...and spoken out about the problems and solutions that are needed to make the DPD better - hopefully someone will begin to listen now.

The news media must take an active role in examining bad policies and the lack of progress and why problems remain unsolved year after year. (Crisnet / lack of jail space-medical facility/ lack of facilities and equipment/ lack of quality leadership - just a few)

David L. Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired


Gannon said...

I applaud these comments, as well as this gentleman's offer to work towards a solution.

I believe Ella Bully-Cummings should be taken to task over this and the other things she presided over, but since she is the EX-WIFE of the current chief, I can see a bit of conflict already in any investigation.

I would suggest meeting up with the Commander of the precinct where these officers were from, Steve Dolunt is one of the finest men I know...he was the highest ranking IA officer who DIDN'T get fired for the Kwhyme investigations, too, and will likely be very sympathetic towards aiding a true solution so we NEVER AGAIN lost any more officers to this nonsense!


Gannon said...

lose...not lost (must fire my editor)


letter to editor - reporters....

Monday's shooting sounds suspicious, he said, contending that it's unusual that a supposed drug dealer would open fire on officers rather than surrender and face a prison stint.

expressed concern that the killing of the officer would ramp up tensions between police and the community. ron scott - detroit free press and detroit news 5/4/10

Why????? were ignorant, divisive, stupid, inflammatory, wrong comments put in news articles about the killing of a Detroit police officer and the wounding of four officers, by Ron Scott, whose racist comments should have been excluded and ignored - in these articles.

Scott cited statistics that may or not be wrong, but certainly don't tell accurately the story -but were inappropriate ....his statements, which could have been mouthed by a spokesman for the Hutaree...or any hate organization that want to stir up anti police sentiments and fears.

Wake UP - Detroit - you need not fear Detroit Police Officers - fear the black / African-American murderers, rapist, robbers, b&e men, muggers, car thieves that are praying on you - your husband, wife, children, neighbors and friends. Black on Black crime should be your fear - and the police your ally, help them fight crime and criminals.

The Detroit Police Department has and has had a black police chief, with 73% black police officers, with a black mayor - a black city council - if you fear them - Detroit has no future.

Ron Scott - The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press owe PO Huff family and all Detroit Police Officers an apology - for a lapse of judgement - they won't face, criminal charges, civil lawsuits or departmental charges like Detroit Police Officers - do every day, if they lapse in judgement or make a mistake - so remember that - no police officer wants to brutalize a resident or make a mistake because the stakes for police officers are too serious, for them and their families. DLM

Ron Scott, director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, called for a full investigation and expressed concern that the killing of the officer would ramp up tensions between police and the community.

"We're calling for an informal meeting with people in the community, and hopefully the chief, so that we can reduce anxiety over this incident rather than increase it," Scott said.
From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100504/METRO01/5040363/1409/Detroit-officer-s-attempt-to-help-proves-deadly#ixzz0n5IrurCm

Ron Scott, president of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, said the shooting could be the result of heightened animosity between residents and the police.

He said citizen complaints have jumped 208% this year, mostly stemming from Evans' Mobile Strike Force, which is comprised of units dispatched to crime hot spots to head off suspicious activity and confiscate illegal weapons. Scott said that some officers have unfairly profiled young, black men and used excessive force without probable cause.

Monday's shooting sounds suspicious, he said, contending that it's unusual that a supposed drug dealer would open fire on officers rather than surrender and face a prison stint.

Evans said Scott's comments were insensitive and ignorant. The chief said the suspect's rap sheet, which includes convictions on fleeing and eluding police and attempting to disarm an officer, indicate he has been aggressive toward police before.

"Welcome to the real world," Evans said of Scott. "In case he doesn't know, people don't like to go to prison."

David L. Malhalab, Sgt DPD Retired

ps. PC Evans responded appropriately...I hope he keep having our backs...

americal1828 said...

Scott should wake up and smell the coffee, the shooting was a result of the heightened fear of going to jail! This guy had broken into a house, had a pound of marijuana, and had several felony warrants, and was on probation and parole.
One more thing Mr. Scott, you are not going get a position somewhere in the Detroit city government by trying to start a riot, and then come galloping in to "help" stop what you started!

FrankNemecek said...


Thanks for opining. My personal belief regarding Ms. Bully-Cummings is that there's finally enough angst among Detroiters to kill her bid for a judgeship.

She deserves worse.

David & Americal1828,

Ron Scott is a douchebag. There is always a need to police the police department and citizen groups can be an important part of that effort. However, his comments were so far from being appropriate as to boggle ones mind.

brittney stafford said...

No one is scared of Detroit Police,they are nothing but a bunch of worthless,useless,losers.They are the most pitiful and most useless police officers I've ever seen.Most of them are criminals themselves.I don't fear them,I laugh at them they are a joke to me and lots of other people.The day I fear Detroit Police is the day that he'll freezes over.They are nothing to be scared of.My dog protects me better than Detroit Police do!!