Monday, April 05, 2010

Freep Publishes "Plans"

The Detroit Free Press yesterday published what they described as a compilation of the various plans for rebuilding Detroit. One can find it on-line here.

Quite frankly, I'm unimpressed. These "plans" seem more like a loose collection of wish lists, in my opinion, than actual plans.

For example, everyone talks about shrinking Detroit to accommodate for its declining population. The problem is that Detroit continues to lose population at a rate that's faster than we can shrink the city.

One then has to ask: what are we doing to stem these populations losses?

If we can't stem the population loss then we're just going to have to shrink the city continuously every few years. Eventually, we'll reach the point where there isn't a Detroit left.

There are also a multitude of issues that aren't addressed at all in any of these "plans." This includes things like the fact that Detroit residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation on top of being one of the only places with a municipal income tax and a utility tax.

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