Monday, April 05, 2010

Barrow Sues for New Election

Tom Barrow, who ran for mayor of Detroit against Dave Bing last year, filed a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court last week. He is seeking a new election.

The immediate reaction of many throughout Detroit is to say, "no way". I, however, am not as quick to dismiss this one.

The controversy stems from the fact that 41,485 absentee ballots were cast on election day that cannot be verified. Because of problems with the City Clerk's office, one simply cannot be certain who those 41,485 people actually voted for.

The security seals that are normally placed on ballots to prevent tampering were broken while they were in the custody of the City Clerk. Because of that, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers weren't able to audit them.

Since the official results show Mr. Bing winning election by 19,707 votes, the fact that there are 41,485 unverifiable ballots is something that troubles me greatly. There is simply no way of knowing who legitimately won this election.


tbarrow said...

But you should also be aware the Canvassers deemed another 8,001 from the polls the same way and another 10,001 were tainted due to being run hours, according to the computer tapes, before the polls closed. Remember, Barrow only asked to recount 114,000 and 59,786 were unrecountable or tainted that's 52% of just those tested.

FrankNemecek said...

Excellent point. Thanks for posting.