Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Out of Print

I received confirmation earlier today that my novel will soon be out of print. I'm a little sad about this news. However, it's been a great seven year run on the bookshelves of America.

If you'd like to read my novel, this may well be your last chance to do so.  It's available from or from (one of the sponsors of this blog).


Marie: said...

C'mon, Frank, what kind of plug was that? ;)

For your other readers, here's a link to several different sellers, as well as a plot synopsis.

I'll definitely drop by my Borders and see if I can put the Christmas giftcard I got to good use. :]

Marie: said...

So I've just reread your blog post, and realized it DOES contain links.

My apologies for the playful but undeserved criticism, don't mind me... >.>

FrankNemecek said...

I've found that one can never have enough plugs.

Thanks, Marie!