Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gratuitous Self-Promotion

It's time, I'm afraid, for me to do a little gratuitous self-promotion.

Apart from my adventures in blogging, I've been working on the pilot for a home improvement show for the past few months.  It'll be at a trade show in Las Vegas next month, where we'll pitch it to every outlet from ABC/ NBC/ CBS to Bob's Cable Channel as well as everything in between.

The show is tentatively called Fresh Start with the Design Divas.  One of designers on this show used to be a product designer for Gucci Italy before starting her own interior design company.  She is joined by three other wonderful professionals in the construction industry.

I know that many of my readers use Facebook pages.  I invite each of you to check the show's fan page out on Facebook, watch the video clips and become a fan of this show.  You can find my page on Facebook directly by clicking here.

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Rebecca said...

Fabulous! And all the best on that, Frank. Very, very cool.