Monday, November 09, 2009

Updates on Two Stories

Today I get to update two previous stories that I didn't know until recently were related.  I posted two weeks ago about the Detroit Police Department blocking off Ashton between Whitlock and W. Warren Ave. as part of their investigation into an assault that had happened.  I also posted last week about a fire at 6817 Ashton that gutted much of that vacant house as well as damaged the occupied home immediately north of it.

It turns out that the assault investigation was at 6817 Ashton.  The previous occupant was evicted from their home on October 27.  Reportedly, this eviction resulted in heated words being exchanged and shots were eventually fired at that location.  Since the police only reported it as as assault, one can conclude this did not result in any fatalities.

It was this shooting that resulted in the Detroit Police Department closing much of Ashton as they searched for evidence and interviewed any potential witnesses.

Shortly after that date, someone then firebombed 6817 Ashton.  The identity of this arsonist is not confirmed, but one would presume that the individuals previously evicted for the home had something to do with it.

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