Thursday, October 01, 2009

MAILBAG: Photo Question

In response to the photo that I use in the masthead for this blog, Whatthehelen wrote in to ask:
I've been meaning to ask...where did you take that photo with the fog. Love it. It takes me back to my years in New England.
I love this photograph, too.  I took it in Rouge Park on a foggy morning almost three years ago now.

You can see more photos from that morning on-line here.  I also have a blog post about that entire day over on my personal blog.


JDeMink said...

We always called it Derby Hill, but there were never any soapbox derby races there that I can remember anyway. A group of us that didn't know better "created" some homemade carts that had no business getting near that hill. 'Twas the time before YouTube though, so no video exists. Scars maybe, but no other record

Frank said...

Ah, yes! Derby Hill. Although, when I was a kid, we preferred to go down it on our bikes.