Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thank you, Livonia

Detroit residents often take a lot of flak from people around the country for at times electing people who are - let's be blunt - bat shit crazy. From the wrestling match that broke out during a Detroit City Council meeting to Monica Conyers' "Shrek episode" to, well, so many other things that in muddles my mind as to what to list next.

Luckily, our neighbors in Livonia have gone out of their way to help us feel better about ourselves. They recruited someone who is even crazier than Monica Conyers and Martha Reeves put together and convinced him to run for the Livonia City Council. I am referring, of course, to Glenn Moon who is a bat shit crazy candidate for City Council in nearby Livonia.

Granted, Mr. Moon has no realistic chance of getting elected. (Our neighbors in Livonia might be sympathetic but they're not stupid.) However, I believe that everyone in Detroit owes Livonians a debt of gratitude for find a politician who is this utterly crazy.

Glenn Moon even inspired a discussion thread on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's forum.

If you're not familiar with Glenn Moon or his candidacy for the Livonia City Council then I invite you to check out the video below. Mr. Moon recorded it as part of the screening process for an endorsement from Livonia Chamber of Commerce.

Once you've seen that video, I also invite you to check out the techno remix of it - which is even funnier.

Thank you, Livonia. Thank you.

Thank you for having someone like Glenn Moon run for your City Council.


whatthehelen said...

Wow,..craaaaazy? or what? I bet he beats his dog.

Frank said...

Glenn Moon would only beat his dog if Heavenly Father God Almighty in name Jesus Christ Lord Savior Messiah commanded him to do so.