Friday, September 04, 2009

David Jonathan Cross

I endorsed David Jonathan Cross for the Detroit City Council during the primary. He wrote a note last night on his Facebook page, in which he talk about the challenges faces our city in broad but eloquent terms.

In my opinion, it is worth repeating for the benefit of anyone who doesn't use Facebook. Therefore, this note appears below in its entirety without any editing from me.
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
~ Jonathan Swift

The city of Detroit, its current leadership and would be leadership is in a crisis management state of mind and the best we are being told to hope for is that we will emerge from this crisis a solvent city; then what? Mere solvency should not be sufficient if Detroit is to be what we want it to be, what we know it can be.

The road to Detroit’s future must be paved with vision and strategic planning; solvency should be used as a tool to get us to where we want Detroit to be, and leadership must be able to help everyone understand where that is. Leadership must articulate not only a vision but a strategic plan for life after solvency that reflects the priorities of residents of this city and that leads the way to where Detroit wants to be and needs to be. A mere crisis management plan that seeks only to avoid bankruptcy will not get us there. We must demand more from leadership. We must see far and well beyond the horizon of what we think we know and have become comfortable with.

Like the prisoners from Plato’s cave allegory/analogy, we must be willing to look beyond the walls we have been facing all of our lives to see the entrance to the cave that leads us to this new vision of life beyond what we currently know/see. Detroit needs leaders willing to break free from the imaginary chains that limit how we think. Leadership must seek to see what may be invisible to others, share the vision and lead the way there.

On November 3, elect council members who have shared a vision for Detroit’s future beyond solvency.

I am a candidate for Detroit City Council and that is how I see things…

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