Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Labor Unions Endorse Barrow

The Coalition of Organized Labor (COOL) today announced their endorsement of Detroit mayoral candidate Tom Barrow in the upcoming November 3 general election. This is the third major labor endorsement that Mr. Barrow has received in recent weeks. He has already received the nod from AFSCME and ATU, which is the bus drivers union.

COOL is comprised of 10 area labor organizations that represent several thousand members in Detroit.

“Mayor Dave Bing is not a leader we can support,” said Greg Murray, a COOL spokesperson and a district representative for the Senior Accountants, Analysts and Appraisers Association said in a prepared statement. “He has turned everything over to Charles Beckham and Norm White, the same retreads from Kilpatrick’s administration that got our city into the financial mess we are in now. Bing wants to privatize tax collections because he doesn’t have a clue how to do it the right way in the first place.”

“Bing turned our city’s finances over to Beckham and White, and they have turned it into a financial circus,” continued Murray. “Mr. Barrow has called for their resignations for months and he is right. Our city cries out for an organized and talented financial expert like Tom Barrow. He’ll get our audits in, initiate a financial review of the city’s records and structure the Detroit budget to serve people.”

“It is embarrassing that our city doesn’t even know who owes them money,” added Barrow. “They are laying people off without a good sense of their revenue and expenses. On day one of my administration, department heads will have to justify their budgets and not a single overrun will be approved. Every dime will be collected in my administration because we’ll implement accountable, online systems to process funds.”

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