Thursday, August 06, 2009

7 Of 9

I endorsed nine candidates for the Detroit City Council last month. The primary election was this past Tuesday. I'm proud to report that seven out of the nine candidates that I supported made the cut.

Of course, I'm also proud to report that Monica Conyers and Martha Reeves did not make it.

I congratulate John K. Bennett, Gary Brown, David Jonathon Cross, Fred Elliot Hall, Lisa Howze, Saunteel Jenkins, and Charles Pugh on their performance this Tuesday. I also look forward to supporting Roy McCalister, Jr. and Matthew Naomi in future campaigns.

Most importantly, I want to congratulate my fellow Detroiters on making some fairly wise decisions on Election Day. There are a couple of points where I wish the results were a bit different. However, on the whole, I believe that Detroit's electorate - or at least the ones who showed up to vote - did a great job on Tuesday.

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City of Detroit unions are demand that Mayor Bing make budget cuts at the top...then go back to the unions after demonstrating his resolve to cut the budget.

The Mayor should make $100,000 a year, until the budget is balanced for good...and no one in city government should make more....including department heads and staff members.

Detroit has less than 900,000 residents, but nine, count them 9 budgeted council members, plus staff - Detroit doesn't need but five (5) to seven (7) council members and a reduced staffing level. Council members should make only $60,000. (that's more than a police officer), and the $697,000 office budget, per council member, should be cut in half, until Detroit is up and running in budget black, Detroit's neighborhoods are revitalized and the schools and streets are safe to walk and live on.
Every council candidate should pledge to reduce the number of council members and their staff budgets to get edorsements.

Then Mayor Bing would deserve to have public support for union concessions...

David L. Malhalab