Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trash Fee Reduced

While the dreaded fee that Detroit residents for trash collection hasn't been eliminated, it has been reduced. Detroiters will see a 20% reduction in the amount they pay for solid waste.

The City of Detroit Department of Public Works (DPW) will reduce the solid waste fee for residents from $300 to $240 per year and from $150 to $120 per year for seniors and hardship cases. The fees have been reduced because DPW has been successful in reducing its costs pertaining to the collection and disposal of trash.

"The City of Detroit has reduced its costs for solid waste collection and disposal, so we are pleased to be able to pass on some reduction, be it small, to our residents," said Alfred Jordan, DPW Director.

The solid waste fee covers the cost of all municipal solid waste operations such as recycling, trash collection, curbside bulk trash pickup, processing and disposal. The fee also reduces the burden on the general fund for trash pickup, allowing the City to keep critical jobs such as police officers and firefighters.

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