Monday, July 20, 2009

John Bennett for City Council

John K. Bennett is a Detroit police officer who is perhaps best known for his web site that, in turn, morphed into after Jerry O. (a/k/a - former police chief Jerry Oliver) really was fired. His web site was repeatedly named "Best Local News Site" by the Metro Times readers poll.

Of course, before any of that happened, John K. Bennett was a police officer who had a distinguished career with the Detroit Police Department, receiving several commendations for outstanding service. He holds a bachelors degree in public administration from my alma mater, Wayne State University, as well as a masters from Eastern Michigan University.

John K. Bennett's years as a Detroit police officer, his academic background and his track record in investigative reporting are all things that, in my opinion, will serve him well on the Detroit City Council.

I am pleased to join the Detroit Fire Fighters (IAFF, Local 344), the Detroit Police Officers Association, the Detroit Police Sargents & Lieutentants Association, the Retired Detroit Police & Fire Fighters Association, Teamsters Joint Council 43 and many others in endorsing John K. Bennett for City Council.

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