Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired

Robert C. Bobb, Emergency Financial Manager of the Detroit Public Schools, told the Detroit Free Press that he expects to see an arrest made in the shooting yesterday of 7 teens near the Cody 9th Grade Academy (7350 Southfield Fwy.) in the Warrendale neighborhood. I pray that this happens. I pray that those responsible for this violence are brought to justice.

There have been lots of discussion around the neighborhood on whether to place blame for this on the families of the shooters who should have raised these kids better, on the police or on the mayor. Quite frankly, I'm angry enough to blame all of them.

The parents brought the two (more than likely teenage) shooters into this world should have done done a better job at raising their off-spring. They ought to occupy a jail cell right next to them.

However, the fact of the matter is that there are always going to crappy parents and people like the two individuals who did this shooting. This is why the police exist in the first place: to protect the rest of us from the results of bad parenting.

Let's not forget that Warrendale is the neighborhood where, two years ago, two boys (ages 11 and 13) were gunned down in their own home by a group of drug dealers. There was a surge of police activity immediately after that shooting. The Mayor and the City Council spoke out about it. Former Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick even made a point of it in his State of the City Address a couple of weeks later.

A few days later, though, it was like nothing ever happened. The police were gone. The drug dealers and gangs were back, as if it was nothing but a minor interruption in their lives.

As president of the Warrendale Community Organization, I pleaded with the Mayor and the City Council to invest more of our tax dollars into public safety in the aftermath of that shooting. They ignored me.

Instead of investing our money in public safety, they spent $19 million in City funds on the Harmonie Park/Paradise Valley project, which has thus far yielded one new restaurant.

Instead of investing our money in public safety, they decided to fund 5 different economic development agencies - none of which are doing a very good job.

Instead of investing our money in public safety, they went off and did a few hundred other incredibly stupid things.

As far as I am concerned, the blood of these 7 teenagers is on their hands. They had the ability to act. They had the responsibility to act. They chose not to.

It's that simple.

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