Thursday, July 23, 2009

Featured Business: Chick's Bar

In keeping with my theme this week of bringing back features that have regrettably fallen by the wayside, I give you the return of my Featured Business of the Week. There are some business owners who - through a combination of brains and hard-work - have managed to stick in there when so many others have run away. These businesses bring jobs and tax revenue to a community that - to be quite frank - is in desperate need of both.

And they deserve a little recognition every now and then.

This week, I would like to recognize Chick's Bar (18550 W. Warren). This is a Warrendale institution that dates back to the mid-1940s, according to their web site, when it was opened by a man nicknamed "Chick".

Chick's is one of the places where you step in and the place just feels like home, even if you haven't been in for months. (Yes, I allowed way too much time to lapse in between my visits to Chick's Bar but was glad to have ended that losing streak recently.)

Besides, if Fergie shows up at the place then you know it has to be cool.

Oh, and their Friday Fish Fries are the stuff of legend.


I've been to other bars - because my liver likes to be abused in different ZIP codes from time to time. Time and time again, I have heard random strangers extol their undying love for Chick's Bar and their fish fries.


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