Friday, July 17, 2009

Breaking News: Pedestrian Hit By Car

An 18 year old male, who was reportedly visiting Detroit from South Carolina, was the victim of a hit and run in the Warrendale neighborhood this evening. The incident happened shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Paul St., just a few feet west of Penrod. He was transported by ambulance in serious condition to a local hospital.

The victim was first seen by witnesses in the middle of Paul St., lying on his back. However, he was able to stagger to the side of the road before collapsing onto the grass. He slipped in and out of consciousness from that point forward.

After 9-1-1 was called, but before either the police or paramedics arrived, a group of six individuals arrived at the scene. One of them identified himself as the victim's cousin. They tried to move the victim, in spite of warnings from on-lookers.

One of the individuals in this group was heard remarking repeatedly, "I can't believe they did this." The tone of his voice and the words that he used, made this observer believe that he at least had a strong suspicion as to who would have done this. He refused to give any further indication as to who "they" were.

In addition, one of the female members of the group cautioned the various on-lookers that they should leave the scene. She said, "You all need to leave before you get in trouble."

However, as soon as officers from the Detroit Police Department arrived at the scene, this group promptly left the area on foot - leaving their injured friend and/or cousin behind. The group was last scene heading west on Paul.

Once the police and paramedics arrived, their lights clearly illuminated the area. There was no sign of skid marks on the pavement, such as one might expect to see if the car had hit its brakes.

The Detroit Police Department continues to investigate this incident.

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