Thursday, June 11, 2009

Digital TV Arrives Tomorrow

The big switch to digital television takes place in the Warrendale neighborhood, and the rest of the nation, tomorrow. If you are still watching television on an older, analog television set that isn't hooked up to a cable or satellite provider then you will need to have a converter box in order to watch anything starting tomorrow.

There has been a group of people canvassing Warrendale and some of the surrounding neighborhoods these past couple of days; reminding people of the switch and what they need to do. One of the important fact that I learned from them is that 1,233,650 people in the Detroit area have ordered coupons for their converter boxes but only 627,221 have been redeemed as of June 6. If you have one of these coupons, or if you have a television set that isn't ready for the big switch tomorrow, you need to act on this quickly.

You can find a lot of information about what you need to do at The Edison Branch (18400 Joy Rd.) of the Detroit Public Library also has some information available, too.

The switch to digital will reward most viewers with better sound, a better picture, more channels and more programs. The transition will also help save lives by clearing airwaves for better first-responder radio service. It also makes room for the future by clearing airwaves for advanced mobile Internet services.

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